The Journey

In 2017 I was 365 lbs. I had not exercised in over 10 years.  I would use my busy work schedule as an excuse to put off a healthy lifestyle.  I turned to food in stressful times as it was my comfort zone.  It got to a point where I would live to eat instead of eat to live.  I had to kick start something.  I purchased an abdominal muscle stimulator in which I would wear to work.  I am not one to say exercise is the only way to lose weight as most medical professionals will tell you your diet is the critical component to weight loss.  What this muscle stimulator did for me was spark my motivation on my weight loss journey.  I noticed after wearing it daily for 2 weeks, using it 2-3 times a day, I started to feel the progress in my core, becoming more defined.  Sometimes it just takes a small push to spark the fire and this surely did for me!  In about 18 months I lost 140 lbs!  

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